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Chapter 53

Hey, everyone. I know it's been pretty much forever since my last update. I just don't have nearly as much time on my hands as I used to. Because of that I'm going to end this story with this chapter. I'd only planned on writing a couple more for it anyway, so it's not like I'm cutting out a huge portion of storyline I'd planned on using. I'm a little sad to be retiring Sid and Misty, but it opens me up to working more on both Patrick and Gabrielle in Scarred and Sid and Bryce in The Perfect Mistake, neither of which is going to be ending anytime soon. I'll still be updating those as often as I find time. Thanks so much for your patience and for loving this story as much as I did!

The school year seemed to fly by. The first semester was the most challenging. It had been a couple years since I had been in school, so adjusting to a class schedule and homework was a process I had to get used to all over again. I also had the entire school figuring out I was dating Sidney Crosby to deal with on top of that.

More than a couple of classes were interrupted by curious onlookers and fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of me. My professors were obviously frustrated, but understanding of the situation. I couldn't so much as step foot on campus without being approached by someone with questions or comments. Not all were nice.

I did my best to shrug it all off. There was nothing to be gained by fighting back against those that wanted to criticize. It wasn't easy to always take the high road and simply smile and walk away from some of the assholes, but I had to. The last thing I wanted was to do something that would make Sid look bad, and that's what it came down to. My behavior reflected on him, fair or not.

By the time the second semester came around people were used to me and I was able to live a pretty normal college existence. I knew I received many of my invites to parties simply because of who my boyfriend was, but I also knew that I usually won everyone over once they actually met me.

When the year ended I officially accepted Sid's request to move in with him for good. Ondieda had graduated and I didn't want to deal with looking for a roommate. Not to mention I spent more nights at Sid's place than I did at my own by the end of the year. For the third summer in a row I lived in Cole Harbour.

It shocked me how differently Troy started treating me once I was there. It was a complete 180 from how he'd been during the season. At first the niceties felt fake, but it was better than the rudeness I usually received from him. By the end of the summer however, it started to feel more genuine.

I didn't find out until years later why Troy had sucked it up and stopped treating me like some puck slut. After a particularly bad dinner in Pittsburgh during the season when I'd left close to tears Sid had given his father an ultimatum. Either Troy would accept me, or Sidney was done with him.

Troy hadn't believed him of course. It wasn't until Sidney threw Troy's stuff out of the house, locked him out, and refused to let him back in that Troy started to take him seriously. A month later when Sid still hadn't taken a call from his father and had refused to see him when he'd flown back in town to talk, Troy gave in.

Once Troy started giving me a chance I think he finally allowed himself to see me for who I truly was and not the person he was worried I'd turn out to be. It took time, but eventually we would come to not just accept each other, but enjoy each other's company. It was Troy who finally confessed what Sidney had done to me one night when it was just the two of us alone in the house while Sidney was at practice. That heart to heart seemed to heal all wounds.

My senior year of college was quite possibly one of the best years of my life. I had groups of friends from school, from hockey, and from the gym I'd taken a part time job at. I was finally getting my degree after taking those few years off, and I couldn't have been happier. Sidney sat in a secluded spot and proudly watched me walk across the stage to receive my degree.

I already had a job lined up for the summer in Cole Harbour and also one for the hockey season in Pittsburgh. In the summer's I just worked the front desk at the gym I'd been going to for the past few years since we weren't there very long. I was in Pittsburgh much longer and did personal training and taught classes there. I loved every second of it.

The summer after graduation turned out to be one of the most eventful of my life. I spent many nights sitting at the end of the dock at our house, dipping my toes in the water and looking out at the stars and moonlight shining on the lake, a glass of wine in hand. It was how I wound down at the end of a stressful day.

I was doing just that one night when I heard footsteps approaching from behind. Sometimes Sidney joined me, and sometimes he left me to myself. I smiled as I heard him, but my smile faded when he didn't sit down next to me like he usually did. A couple of silent minutes passed before I finally turned around to see what he was doing. My breath caught in my throat when I saw him down on one knee holding a ring box in his hand.

I tearfully listened to his short speech, one that I will never repeat to another soul even though I'll never forget the words, before hearing him ask me to marry him. He'd opened the box so I could see the ring, but I didn't bother looking. In fact it never occurred to me that a ring would actually be in there. I was too in shock to do more than nod my head 'yes' before kissing him.

It occurred to me after how different that proposal to me was than Mason's. Not because of delivery, or even because of the person, but because of the person I had become. I no longer felt scared to depend on someone. I'd gotten my degree, I'd gotten a job that I wanted and loved, and I was allowed to be the person I wanted to be. Now it was time for a new chapter in my life, one that involved spending it with the person I loved.

It took a while for me to actually look at the ring that was on my finger. I was too caught up in the surprise and the emotion of what had just happened to pay much attention to it. At first glance I'd thought it was beautiful, but that was it. Now that I took the time to look I realized how perfect I was. Sid and I had never discussed what kind of ring I liked. Despite that, he'd gotten me one that was more perfect than even I could have envisioned. I'd been right back when Mason had proposed. If a guy really knew you, he'd get you a ring that symbolized your relationship perfectly, and Sidney had done just that.

A few months later we were married in a surprise wedding. We didn't want to deal with fans, and anyone else who might want to show up unexpectedly to get a shot of the Crosby-Harris wedding. Instead we threw an 'engagement party' and flew in our closest friends and family, people we couldn't have imagined not having with us on our wedding day. No one knew the truth except us, our parents and siblings, and the officiant. We surprised everyone when I walked into the room in a wedding dress and exchanged vows.

Years, two sons, and a daughter later Sidney retired from playing. He did the nearly unheard of and played his entire career in the city of Pittsburgh. The team retired his number in a tear-filled ceremony before a game the following year with us and the kids in attendance. His playing days may have been over, but hockey wasn't. Sid simply moved into the front office as an assistant GM.

A chapter in our lives had closed, but that didn't mean things ended. We still had plenty of years left ahead of us. It had been quite a journey for both of us, but things couldn't have turned out any better. We were just as happy together, and probably a thousand times more, as we had been at the beginning. Life doesn't always take you where you expect it to, but it always takes you where you're meant to go, and neither of us could have been happier.

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Chapter 52

I finished packing the last of my stuff into my car and gave each of my parents a hug. I watched Nick do the same and we both got into our cars. I turned to look back at Bauer, and saw the look on his face. It said 'Really, we're moving again?' I let Nick pull out of the driveway first and then I followed.

In fact I followed him for close to five hours. We were both headed to school. He went to college in Buffalo and driving through there was the fastest way for me to get to Pittsburgh. We stopped at a rest stop together and ate a fast food lunch at a picnic table with Bauer wrapping himself around the legs.

“Are you nervous?” he asked me between bites of a cheeseburger. I shrugged.

“Not really. I have done the college thing before, you know. Not to mention that I'm going to know people in the city I'm moving to unlike the last two times I moved.”

“You'll have to come up when the Pens play the Sabres. You could stay with me,” Nick suggested.

“And stay in tetanus central? I don't think so,” I joked. He rolled his eyes at me but laughed.

We finished up our lunch and gave each other a hug before saying goodbye. I gave a honk as Nick turned off at his exit and I continued on. I sang along to some music, in a great mood. It had only been a week and a half, but I couldn't wait to see Sidney again, and away from Cole Harbour.

The summer had been amazing...mostly. We'd had a blast spending time together and with our friends. It had been just as good, if not better, than the previous summer. With the exception of Troy that is. Our fight certainly hadn't helped things, and probably made them worse. We were at odds the entire summer.

The tension had gotten so bad that I stopped joining Sidney for dinner with his family when it was just his parents and sister present. I made sure to take a shift at work each time they invited us over. I just couldn't take the looks he gave me, and the passive-aggressive comments he'd make all night.

The worst part was that everyone knew what was going on. Troy never made an effort to hide his hatred for me and it just made everyone uncomfortable. The only way to avoid making people uncomfortable was to just avoid Troy. Now I could finally get away from it.

I finished off the trip and pulled into the parking lot for my new apartment. I found the closest spot and parked the car, letting Bauer out to run around. I grabbed a couple of things and began to head towards my new home. Oneida stepped out the door and smiled.

“Need some help?” she called out as she walked towards my car.

Oneida and I had kept in touch throughout the summer. It had been difficult, but I still hadn’t told her about Sidney. Even though she seemed like she wouldn’t be strange about who my boyfriend was, I didn’t want to tell her until I had moved in. I just wanted to be sure.

She helped me bring everything from the car inside and then ran out to get some food while I got to work unpacking. I took a break from unpacking to eat and Oneida and I chatted as we did so before she came into my room to help.

“Want me to get this box?” she asked, pulling one over to her. I didn’t even glance at the one she was opening.

“Yeah, that’s fine, thanks.” I heard her rustling around and then I heard her yell.

“Holy shit!”

“What?” I asked, turning to look at her. Then I saw what was in her hand.

“You met Sidney Crosby?!” she exclaimed.

She turned the framed picture over so I could see which one she was holding. I hid a smile as I looked at it. The picture had been taken after a game so Sidney was wearing a suit and it looked a little like just a fan picture.

“Yeah, I did.” Hey, I wasn’t lying.

“And your boyfriend isn’t jealous that you framed this picture?” she asked. I laughed.

“Somehow I don’t think he minds.”

Oneida looked at the picture a little longer as I went back to pulling things out of the box in front of me. She made a couple of comments on other pictures she pulled out that were of me and friends. Then I heard her yell again.

“You met him twice?!” she called out. Then there was silence as I watched her brow furrow. “Hey, wait a minute.” She was holding two frames, and one was a picture of Sidney and I kissing.

“I told you my boyfriend wouldn’t mind,” I joked.

“You bitch! How did you not tell me?!”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I just had to be sure you wouldn’t be weird about it. I can’t always trust people when it comes to him, you know?”

Oneida and I talked about him a little longer and as we did I could tell that she just wasn’t going to be a problem. We finished a little bit more of the unpacking before giving up for the night.
Not long after we collapsed down on the couch to watch TV my phone rang and I saw that it was Sid. He had gone back to Pittsburgh at the same time I had gone to my parents to see them before school. I told him it was okay for him to come over and then gave Oneida the heads up.

Sidney came by about 20 minutes later and I introduced him to Oneida. She wasn’t weird at all when I introduced them and didn’t treat him like he was anything special. Thankfully I’d found out that while she knew who Sid was, she wasn’t into sports so it wasn’t really all that big a deal for her to meet him.

The three of us sat in the living room talking and watching TV when a knock sounded on the door. I was closest so I got up to answer it. I pulled the door open and groaned when I saw who was standing on the other side of the door.

“Mon ami!” Max called out, holding his arms out for a hug. I turned to look back at Sidney.

“You told him where I live?!” I jokingly scolded. Sid just laughed and shrugged as Max wrapped his arms around me in a hug before carrying me into the apartment.

“It’s nice to see you too.” He put me down and glanced over at Oneida who was looking at him curiously. “Well, hello.” Max had put on his charming voice and took her hand in his before kissing the back of it.

“Don’t even think about it, Talbot,” I told him.

“What?” he asked innocently. I turned towards Oneida.

“This one may be charming and funny, but he uses it for evil. Avoid him at all costs,” I warned her. She laughed as Max grabbed at his heart and pretended to faint backwards onto the couch, landing on Sid’s lap, who promptly pushed him off onto the floor.

“Geez, tough crowd,” Max commented as he picked himself up.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out, laughing, and watching a movie. Just before midnight they both got up to leave with a skate in the morning. When they were gone Oneida and I headed to our rooms for the night.

“This is going to be one interesting year because of you,” she said with a laugh before walking into her room and shutting the door.

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So sorry it's been pretty much forever since I've posted. I'm still around, don't worry, but on occasion my life happens to suck. Nothing major or awful has happened, but things just keep coming up and happening. There might be a small window in here where I can get some writing done, but then life is going to get crazy again for a bit. I can't promise anything, but hopefully it won't be this long again. I also have a kind of wacky idea. I had a dream the other night and when I woke up I realized I could totally turn it into a short story. I've already gotten a little bit of it written, but I'm not sure if I should post it or not, so I'm going to leave it up to you guys. It'll definitely be short, maybe 10-15 chapters. What I'm not sure of is how long it will take me to finish it. Do you want me to start posting it as I go, with possible long gaps between, or should I save it until I have time to finish? Your choice!

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Chapter 51

Sidney got home and called out Misty’s name. Sam and Bauer greeted him as he walked in, but he received no response from Misty. After giving each dog attention he headed for the back door. He knew where Misty would be if she wasn’t in the house. He stopped at the door and glanced out the window.

Misty was sitting at the end of the dock staring out at the lake. She did this a lot. Misty had told him that she loved just sitting there in the quiet. He gave her a few minutes, just watching her sit there before he made his way outside to join her. She turned and smiled up at him as he reached the end of the dock.

“How was dinner with your parents?” she asked as he sat down next to her. He gave her a quick kiss before responding.

“It was good. Mom and Taylor said they hope you don’t have to work next time so you can join us.” She released a sigh.

“Troy didn’t share the sentiments?” He saw the look on her face, and felt bad that she’d noticed that he’d left his father out of his statement.

His father had been absolutely awful to Misty since they’d gotten there for the summer. He hardly acknowledged her when she was around. In fact, he almost went out of his way to be less than pleasant to her sometimes. Then when she wasn’t around he always found a way to get on Sidney’s case about what he could possibly see in her. It was grating his nerves, that was for sure.

He didn’t know why his father couldn’t see what everyone else did. Misty loved him for who he was, not what he had. She went out of her way to make sure she made his life as easy as possible. She made him laugh, cheered him up when he was upset, and let him vent when that’s all he needed. She’d become his rock.

He’d tried to tell his father that. He’d tried for a little while at the beginning of the summer to get them together whenever he could so that his dad could see the kind of person she really was. For whatever reason, his dad refused to see it. It was like he’d put on blinders when it came to Misty.

“He didn’t mention you, no,” Sidney replied as he slipped an arm around Misty. She leaned back into him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Well, that’s a plus. Usually he has something so pleasant to say.”

“I’m so sorry he’s like that,” Sidney apologized for what must have been the millionth time. Misty turned her head to look up at him and gave him a smile.

“It’s not your fault. There’s no reason for you to apologize. I’ll win him over someday. I’m not sure when, but it’ll happen.”

Her attitude about his dad never ceased to amaze him. It would be so easy for her to stop trying, to give up. He wouldn’t blame her if she went around complaining about him, but she didn’t. She just put a smile on her face and kept her mouth shut when something he did upset her. No other girl he’d ever even introduced to his parents had hesitated to complain about his dad, but not Misty. That was just something else that he loved about her, because who wants to hear how much their significant other hates their parents?

“I don’t ever want to leave this place,” Misty said after a few moments of silence.

“It means a lot that you love it here just as much as I do,” he told her.

“Maybe more,” she joked with a little laugh.

He glanced down at the surface of the water and watched her swing her feet, the balls of them barely skimming the surface of the water, and he knew. He wasn’t going to do it this summer because he knew they both weren’t ready, but he knew he was going to propose to her, and he knew how he was going to do it. He pressed his lips to her forehead and she giggled.

“I love you,” she whispered as if she could tell what he was thinking.

“I love you, too.”

She shifted, turning her body to face him before placing both hands on either side of his face and kissing him. He didn’t think he’d ever get enough of that. As they kissed she climbed onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Should we head inside?” she asked, following that question with a few light kisses trailing down from his ear to his collarbone.

“You keep doing that and we won’t make it that far.” She giggled again, as he lifted her up and carried her towards the house. He groaned as she continued placing kisses in strategic places. “You’re pure evil.” That same giggle had him practically running through the door to get inside.

“It’s going to be fine,” Zara tried to assure me. I pushed my bangs off my forehead and looked at her in the mirror.

“It just keeps getting worse every time I see him. I don’t know what to do anymore,” I confided.

“You’ve just got to kill him with kindness. He can’t hate you forever,” Valerie chimed in. The three of us were getting ready for a barbecue at Sidney’s parents’ house and I was not looking forward to seeing Troy again

“I’ve been so kind I’ve nearly killed myself,” I groaned, taking a straightener to my hair.

“The more he gets to know you, the more he’ll like you. I don’t know anyone that can resist the Misty Harris charm. He’s just more stubborn than most,” Zara stated.

“I hope you’re right.”

“What the hell’s going on up there? It’s an outdoor barbecue for fuck’s sake!” we heard Walker yell. The three of us laughed before walking out of the bathroom and meeting the guys downstairs.

A couple of hours later I was helping Trina set the food out for dinner. So far I’d managed to avoid talking to Troy past saying hello when we’d arrived. I wasn’t sure if it had been because I was avoiding him, he was avoiding me, or a combination of the two. I ran into the house to grab another bowl of salad since the first one was empty and ran into Troy grabbing a few beers out of the refrigerator.

We both looked at each other in surprise, not expecting to be alone in the house at any point together. After I got over the initial shock I smiled at him and made my way to the refrigerator where he was still standing. He didn’t smile back, and actually narrowed his eyes at me as I moved closer to him.

“I just need to grab the other bowl of salad to replace the bowl that’s empty,” I explained as I approached.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked. I had no idea what ‘this’ entailed.

“Doing what?”

“Everything. Helping Trina with the food. Living with Sidney for the summer. Working here instead of back home. Going to school in Pittsburgh. Dating my son.” I clenched my jaw and took a deep breath before answering so I wouldn’t snap.

“I just want to be happy and doing all of that makes me happy.” He gave me a look that told me he didn’t believe a word of it.

“I’m sure being with a famous millionaire makes you really happy.”

“I didn’t go looking for that. I just happened to fall for a guy with that lifestyle. You think I’m looking forward to the day that the world discovers I’m Sid’s girlfriend? I dread it. I stress about it almost every day. If I didn’t love him so damn much I would have run the other way a long time ago.”

“I’m sure you would have.” His outright accusation was it for me. I was officially done trying to be nice. If he wasn’t going to make an effort, than I wasn’t going to either.

“I’m no gold digger or puck slut, Troy, and to be honest I’m sick and tired of you treating me like I am. Everyone else who has ever met me can see that I’m with Sidney because I’m truly in love with him, not because I’m using him. I don’t know why you’re the only one blind to that. All I know is that I’m not going anywhere and you’re going to have to get used to that fact. It’s time to realize that your son is an adult and doesn’t need you making decisions for him anymore. Let him go, Troy. You have another child to worry about. Her name is Taylor. She'd love a little attention once in a while.”

I didn’t wait for a response. I took the bowl of salad and walked back out the door with it. I paused to calm myself for a moment and then carried the bowl to the table that was set up with the food. I felt a hand on my back and turned to see Sidney standing there, a look of concern on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I forced a smile onto my face and nodded. Now was not the time or the place to tell him what had transpired in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired. I think I need to eat something.” He placed a kiss on my temple and reached over to grab a plate.

“Then stop working so damn hard to help host and eat something,” he said with a smile. I took the plate from him and filled it with food before making my way over to the table where our friends were sitting to eat.

Troy and I didn’t have any more run-ins that night. In fact we both avoided each other like the plague. I was upset by the confrontation, but I tried to act like nothing had happened and put on a brave face even though I was terrified about what the result of my words would be. All I knew was that I hoped someday we’d at least be able to be civil to each other.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chapter 50

It's been a long time, I know. Might as well figure that I'll only be updating every other week or so. Things are not slowing down for me, and now the holidays are coming up. Please don't hate me!

I pulled up behind Sidney’s car in the driveway. I’d had a permanent smile on my face ever since we’d gotten to the outskirts of Halifax. I took a moment to take in the sight of the house that was about to be my home for the next few months. Somehow my smile grew as I got out of the car and opened the door to let Bauer out of the back.

“It’s so good to be home,” Sidney said, walking over and putting his arm around me.

“Yes, it is,” I responded. He looked over at me, that crooked smile of his on his face.

“Still think it feels like home?” he asked.

“Even more so now.” He gave me a quick kiss and we turned to begin to unpack the cars.

When Sidney and I had met up for dinner on the night of the last party, I’d been trying to figure out how to word that I’d gotten a job in Cole Harbour so that he’d ask me to move there with him. I didn’t want to just invite myself in case he didn’t want me there. We sat around a table with the rest of the team, and it was nearly impossible to find a way to bring it up. That was until he did.

“Please don’t lecture me for asking what I’m going to ask. I realize that you’re going to say no, but I just have to ask,” he’d started.

“Ask what?” I questioned, confused.

“Move in with me this summer.” It took me a moment to respond because I was so surprised. Was it really going to be that easy?

“Yes.” Sidney sighed and shrugged at my answer.

“Misty, I know I said I don’t want a lecture, but can you at least explain to me why?” he wondered. Then his eyebrows shot up as he realized what I'd said. “Wait, what?” I bit back a laugh.

“I said yes,” I repeated.

“I don’t understand.” He looked genuinely confused, like he’d been ready to fight about it. This time I did laugh.

“I talked to Zara today. She said Walker’s family will give me a job,” I explained. A grin spread over his face.

“So you’re coming home with me this summer?” he checked.

“I’m coming home with you this summer,” I confirmed.

Sidney’s family showed up not long after our arrival and helped us bring our stuff inside while Sam and Bauer reunited and ran around outside. Trina and Taylor were overjoyed that I was going to be there all summer again, while Troy seemed to be avoiding me. I didn’t understand that since I thought we’d cleared everything up last summer and come to some sort of understanding. Apparently that understanding only lasted until I actually started dating his son.

Once everything was in the house and we’d sat out by the water talking for a bit, his family headed back home to start preparing for dinner while we continued to unpack. Sidney made room for me in the master bedroom and bathroom and I combined my stuff with his. We had to work out a compromise as far as how much space I got in the closet compared to his.

“Geez, I give an inch, you take a mile!” he complained after a 10 minute argument about how much of the closet was filled with my stuff.

“You won’t even use all the space I left for you!” I argued. He laughed and pulled me into him.

“This is the best argument we’ve ever had,” he joked. I knew exactly what he meant.

“If you’re not careful, I’ll move all my stuff into one of the guest rooms and we can just be roommates,” I teased.

“Roommates that sleep together though, right?” I punched him lightly on the arm with a laugh before getting back to putting my stuff away.

We spent the rest of the night with his family, which mostly consisted of Troy talking only to people with the last name of Crosby, and me trying to find a way to join in the conversation every chance I got. By the time we’d left I’d come to the conclusion that Troy, once again, hated me.

“He doesn’t hate you,” Sidney told me as we walked into the house. I just gave him a look that said ‘are you kidding me’? “He’s just worried that we’re moving too fast.”

“I’m not going to fight about your father. He’ll feel how he feels no matter what I do or say, so I’m just going to suck it up and deal with it. It still would have been nice to know ahead of time…..” I said, letting my voice trail off at the end.

“I’m sorry I didn’t warn you. I was afraid you wouldn’t come if you knew,” Sid explained.

“From now on, we’re going to have a full disclosure agreement. No secrets because we’re scared of consequences. There’s been enough of that with us since last summer, don’t you think?” I asked. Sidney agreed and we went to bed, exhausted from the trip.

The next morning we were awoken to an incessantly ringing doorbell. I smiled over at Sidney as he groaned while he got out of bed. I laughed as he cursed whoever was brave enough to be the one to ring it. We both knew who was going to be standing there when the door was opened. We walked downstairs and opened the door together.

We were met with Walker, Zara, Valerie, Caden, and Wes standing on the porch all trying to talk to us over each other. We let them in and I started some coffee with the girls following me into the kitchen as the boys made themselves comfortable in the living room. Both Zara and Valerie gave me hugs as they gushed about how happy they were to see me again.

“This is the first time we’ve seen you since you and Sidney finally figured it out!” Zara exclaimed.

“I know, I’m so happy to see you guys!” Just as I said that, Valerie began to cough.

“What the hell is this shit?” she asked, pointing at the coffee mug she was holding. I laughed and started another pot.

We ate the breakfast that they’d brought with them and hung out talking before deciding to head out on the boat for the day. We lugged a bunch of beer on board, headed out to the middle of the lake, put down anchor, and spent the day catching up. I’d missed this. This place really did feel like home to me.

We headed back to Sidney’s for dinner and then, to no one’s surprise, people began to show up for an impromptu party. Texts had been sent, and then forwarded until we had a lot of people welcoming Sidney back home next to the lake and a fire. Everything was going great until I looked up and saw a familiar blonde walking towards me.

“So much for not trying to land Sidney,” Callie said to me. I rolled my eyes at her.

“I don’t have to explain myself or my relationship with Sid to you,” I told her.

“Don’t worry, it’s self-explanatory.”

“I can’t believe you are ballsy enough to walk back into Sidney’s house after he kicked you out last summer just to talk shit to his girlfriend.”

“I don’t know why you insist on arguing with me. You’re just like me.”

“No, Callie, there’s a big difference between the two of us. I will never be a flavor of the month and that’s all you’ll ever be,” I shot at her.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I heard Sidney ask, not allowing Callie to respond.

“I heard you were home and wanted to stop by and say hi,” she told him, putting on that fake sweet smile of hers.

“And talk shit to my girlfriend?” he asked.

“I didn’t…..” she started. He put a hand up to stop her.

“I told you that you weren’t welcome back here if you couldn’t accept Misty. I heard what you said. Get out. Don’t come back. Ever.” I noticed that a great majority of the people at the party were watching us. So did Callie.

“Don’t come crying to me when she fucks the next great superstar,” Callie called out before turning her back on us and leaving.

“Sid…..” I began, turning to look at him. He shut me up with a kiss.

“It’s over. She’s gone. I love you.” I smiled up at him and walked back over to the fire with him.

The night ended much like the rest did. Sidney and I headed to bed with a few stragglers crashing wherever they could find a spot. With the exception of the incident with Callie, it had been a great night back with friends. If this was any indication of what the summer was going to be like, I was never going to want it to end.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chapter 49

It was difficult to enjoy the end of the year party when Sidney knew that in just a couple days he and Misty were going their separate ways for the summer. They were each going to make a trip to visit the other, but that didn’t make the next 4 months seem any easier. He lined up and took a swing at the ball on the tee before cursing. Today was just not his day on the course.

“That cut slightly to the left,” Max said.

“Slightly? It’s in the weeds!” Flower cracked. The two of them, along with Tanger laughed at him. How did he get stuck in this foursome again?

“Mulligan,” Sidney grumbled. The three of them laughed again.

He hit another ball that was only mildly better before the other three lined up to take their turns on the first hole. While the guys were off golfing, the girls were having a spa day. Well, all the girls except for Misty. She was meeting with a potential roommate. Nothing else was lined up for her for next year, so she was banking on getting along with this girl. He was secretly hoping they hated each other so Misty wouldn’t have a choice but to live with him next year.

“Are you really going to send Misty back to her parents while you go home for the summer?” Tanger asked. Great, because this was exactly what he wanted to be discussing right now.

“I don’t know what else to do. She won’t come,” Sidney replied.

“Have you asked her?” Max questioned. He turned and looked at his three teammates and shrugged.

“Are you fucking serious, Crosby? You’re sending her packing and you haven’t even asked her if she’ll go with you?” Flower chastised.

“You guys don’t understand. I know Misty better than all of you. She turned me down when I asked her to live with me here for school next year claiming she needs to be independent. She also continues to stress to me how much she needs to work this summer so she can pay for school herself. There’s no way she’d agree to moving to Cole Harbour with me,” he argued.

“The Captain’s got a point,” Tanger said. Sidney chose not to reply and instead focused on the shot he needed to make to get his ball on the green. He swung and watched as it missed by a good 20 feet.

“Fuck!” he yelled. If this first hole was any indication of how the day was going to go, he was screwed.

“So how does Troy feel about you and Misty being together now?” Max wondered. Sidney groaned as Max then went on to put the ball about a foot from the hole. He gave an exaggerated fist pump.

“I haven’t talked to him about it much,” he replied.

That was mostly true. Of course he’d told his parents that he and Misty were dating now. He thought they’d be happy. His mother had loved her and for whatever reason, by the end of the summer his father had seemed to come to some sort of understanding with Misty. The acceptance that she was going to be in his life was the best he figured he was going to get from his dad at that point.

Unfortunately those feelings hadn’t held over to now. His mom still loved Misty, and was thrilled that the relationship she had seen coming had finally happened. Taylor was happy that he was dating someone that wasn’t ‘some bimbo whore’ in her words. His father, however, was not happy in the least bit and he hadn’t tried to hide it.

“I’m not sure you need to talk to Papa Crosby to know how he feels,” Flower interjected. He was right. Sidney’s father’s emotions were always written all over his face.

“He doesn’t like it. He hates it actually,” Sidney confided in them.

“Does Misty know?” Tanger asked. Sid shook his head.

“How am I supposed to tell her that my father hates that she’s in a relationship with me? If I told her that, she’d come up with some crazy reason about why that’s going to ruin my career or my life and run the other way. I can’t do that,” he explained.

“Is that the real reason you haven’t asked her to go to Cole Harbour with you?” Max chimed in.

“No. Yes. I don’t know. I guess it’s a combination. If I asked her to come with me I’d either have to tell her or let her walk right into the lion’s den without having a clue. I don’t like either option. It’s easier to just let her stay home this summer.”

“It’s easier to be away from the girl you love?” Flower questioned. Well, when it was put that way. Sidney tapped his ball into the hole and they all got into the golf carts and headed to the next hole.

“So what are you going to do?” Tanger asked him.

Sidney lined up at the tee and took a moment to line up his shot. He focused on the hole and then took a few practice swings. Then he let it rip. He watched, dejectedly, as the ball cut to the left much too far. Motherfucker.

“Mulligan,” he groaned as his teammates laughed at his expense once again.

I got out of the cab and walked up to the door in the apartment complex that I was potentially going to be living in next semester. I knocked on the door and waited for the girl named Oneida to answer so I could go through the whole interview process to see if we’d be able to live together. A short, pretty, natural looking blonde opened the door.

“Oneida?” I asked. She smiled at me and nodded.

“You must be Misty. Come on in.”

She held the door open for me and I walked over the threshold. I took in what I could see of the apartment and was surprised by how nice it was. I’d seen student housing before, and it usually didn’t look like this. I had been expecting cracks, dirt, and worn furniture, which was not the sight I’d been met with.

“Wow, this looks really nice,” I commented as I stepped in.

“I know. Not typical student housing. I got lucky knowing the girl who was moving out of here. This building always goes in a hurry. Why don’t I show you around? Then we can get to that awkward interview part of today,” she offered with a little laugh.

I followed Oneida around the apartment. She talked about the amenities, bills, and such as we went. If her descriptions of the apartment and building were any indication of her personality, we were going to get along great. I took it all in before we settled on two of the chairs in the common living space.

“So, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” she asked. I took a deep breath and began.

“I’m 22 years old, and from upstate New York. I’m closer to Montreal than New York City and nowhere near Buffalo if that helps. I took some time off from school but decided to come back and get my degree in exercise science. I love working out and going to the gym, but that doesn’t stop me from indulging in junk food. I’m close with both of my parents, and I have a younger brother who will be starting his second year of school in the fall.”

“Well, so far so good. What’s your lifestyle like? Morning or night person and so on?”

“I’m definitely more a night person, but I don’t sleep the day away either. I love being social, but not to the point that I can’t let people have their own time. I can usually get along with just about everyone and love to meet new kinds of people. I’m a non-smoker who likes to drink on occasion and I’m not such a big fan of silence.”

“You sound just like me,” Oneida told me with a smile.

We sat and talked for a while longer. I told her that I had a boyfriend, but didn’t mention who it was. Until she formally offered to split the lease with me, I wasn’t divulging anything like that. It turns out that we had no problem getting along, and she promised to send over the papers for me to sign the next day.

I walked out of the apartment with a smile on my face, relieved that I had a place to live when I came back in the fall for school. I called another cab and waited in the parking lot for it to arrive and bring me to join the rest of the girls at the spa where they’d been all morning so far. I’d be getting there just in time for the facial, manicure and pedicure, and the makeover to get us ready for the get together with the guys later tonight. My phone rang just as I sat down in the cab and I answered Zara’s call. It had been far too long since I’d talked to her.

“Hey, Zara!”

“Hey, girl, what’s going on?”

“I just got done meeting the girl I’m going to be rooming with next year during school. What are you up to?” I returned.

“Well, I’ve been busy speculating,” she replied. I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that.

“Speculating about what?” I asked.

“Well, hypothetically speaking, what would someone do if they were told that there was a job in their boyfriend’s hometown waiting for them?” I felt my heart quicken a little at her question. Could this really be true?

“Hypothetically, I’d think one would be very interested in hearing about how this job is possible and what it is,” I answered.

“Hypothetically it’s a restaurant that someone’s boyfriend’s family owns and they’d be more than happy to help out this someone’s friend.”

“Okay, I’m done with this hypothetical bullshit. Are you serious right now?” I questioned. She laughed.

“I’m completely serious. Having a job and making money is the only thing keeping you from coming to Cole Harbour this summer with Sid, right?” Zara checked.

“Well, that and the fact that he hasn’t asked me to go.” I heard Zara groan on the other end of the phone.

“You know he just hasn’t asked you because he thinks you’ll turn him down and he doesn’t want to be rejected a second time when it comes to asking you to move in with him.” I knew she was right.

“I’ll see what I can do when I see him tonight. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon.” She let out a squeal of excitement before we said our goodbyes and hung up.

I was days away from parting from Sidney for the summer. It had looked like a long and miserable summer, but in one quick phone call things seemed like they were actually going to work out in my favor. I’d be able to be with Sidney, yet making my own money so I could stay self-sufficient at the same time. I couldn’t wait to see him to tell him.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My millionth apology

Guys, I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I've last updated. Life got in the way like it tends to do sometimes. I'm not sure exactly when I'll get another post up on this or my other two stories, but it'll be sometime in the next two weeks for sure. I have not given up or decided to quit anything I'm writing. I've just been super busy. That also means I am sooooo far behind on reading anyone else's fics. I'll catch up and start leaving comments again, I promise. It might just take a little while. Hope everything is going well for everyone out there!